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To request a new unique design from us, please click here and we will get to work on it right away! You get unlimited revisions, and the finished file is yours to keep and do what you want with. You can add it to your shop on Affiliate Supply, give it to a local print shop, or use it for marketing material, you get the idea!

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If you forgot your email for the sales portal login, email and we will provide you with your login information.

If you forgot your password, email and we will reset your password. You can then set it to whatever you want after logging in.

Direct your customers to contact for all return or exchange requests.

We will provide a return label and will refund the customer. Or in the case of an exchange, we will handle the exchange process of the desired product(s).

Please contact with your bulk order request.

Email the image you would like added to your shop's main page to

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First, search your email's inbox for an email from around the time you setup your shop with the subject "Owner Discount Code"

If you still cannot locate your discount code, email to request your discount code again.

First, login to your sales portal. Check to see if you had orders last month. If you did, you should see them listed and labeled "UNPAID".

Next, check to make sure your PayPal account did not change. If it did, please inform us immediately so we can update your account.

If you did have orders, have not changed your PayPal, and still did not receive your payout, please email

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We will deactivate your shop upon your request. You will still receive payout for any orders made prior to closing your shop.

If you change your mind at any time and want to re-open your shop, email and we'll re-activate your shop right away. All of the products that were on your shop before will still be there.